We are a business development firm that can help any business take the next step in financial growth.  Many businesses find themselves with a great idea, actual sales but not enough money or resources to make the next level.

We aggressively seek out business that are potential candidates. It does not matter what you sell or do, product or services, our team has specialist in all areas.  We have seen it, and we have done it.  We have a deep pool of professionals in all areas that allow us to create the efficiencies you may be lacking, the know how to increase sales thru business automation, new media vertical integration and most important the capital to build a successful marketing campaign that will allow a scalable roll out.


James E. Dicks Jr.

Chief Executive Officer

JW Dicks


Nick Nanton

Senior Advisor

Scott Prewitt

Managing Director
Chief Marketing Officer

Mark Heidt

Managing Director

Bob Minotti

Managing Director

Tyler Benzel

Senior Associate

Ian MacGeorge

Senior Associate

Our team has a vast experience across many business segments and marketing channels that are ready to help take your business to the next level.


With DNA Capital Ventures you can take advantage of what we know and what we do.  We have supported many companies thru many stages of business development and growth.  For those selected companies that we seek out we will accomplish our financial goals by helping you achieve yours.

We look at all types of businesses that sell all types of products and services.  Typically we will either help you increase the opportunity of an existing product or service or even create a new channel for you. 

Our business model is simple; it does not cost you anything if we choose to work with you and your company.  We cover all of our cost and all of the sales and marketing.  For that we ask that we get our marketing dollars back and we participate in a mutually beneficial revenue share on only the sales we create.  We have no interest in your existing sales. 

Typically we find companies looking for venture capital that really can do with out the dilution of ownership that typically goes with that round or funding.  Because we use our money to help your business grow many companies find that the pursuit of additional liquidity events have far greater value after we work together increasing your sales.